I studied "girl tech"

This is a huge area covering everything from clothes and cosmetic application to social behaviors in the restroom. For example, what to do if someone looks at you in the ladies? Initially, I smiled at them momentarily and looked away to not challenge with a direct stare and proceed to a stall or stand in line. Now there is no issue, either because it is an unconscious behavior or that I look confident and friendly.

Very surprising to me, nobody cares about my voice which is not fully "transitioned" yet. So I suspect many know I am trans, but they like my presentation and social behaviors. I am happy more folks like me than before particularly among younger and middle-aged people.

Fortunately, I didn't need facial surgery because I generally fit within normal female variation. Some are very concerned about their face, but given normal variation, I suspect mine is "good enough". I discovered I could do things with cosmetics eliminating any need or desire for facial surgery. I often thought about making my chin a bit more triangular or less square, but it is basically OK, so I left it alone.

Articles I read suggested that women smile more than men. Perhaps its a way of dispelling tension, but as a guy, excessive smiling is suspect or perhaps a sign of weakness or intimidation. Years earlier I had been a trumpet player and with hours of practice, I developed different lip muscles. Some folks have an incision on the inside of the upper lip to slightly expose top teeth. Believe it or not, I prefer to avoid surgery when possible, but I've obviously had my share. So, I practiced exercising facial muscles and those in my upper lip and now I can smile with exposed upper teeth easily.

Along the way I read about all manner of facial surgery, along with top and bottom surgery. Now I am very happy with what I did and what I did not do. I read enough bibliographical articles and books to understand that many face similar concerns. "Know yourself" and understanding the choices is critical. Nobody understands you  better than you do regardless of certifications or pretense.

I hope all of this helps. People vote on me based on "the preponderance of evidence"
(LOL, I love that line) but it is true. If you miss a couple minor things they will ignore them based on other factors... ESPECIALLY if they personally like you or smile a lot.
Here is a fine example...



Stu doesn't pass that well, an understatement, but is well accepted in this rural community--in fact, she is the Mayor.On Election Day 2012, a transgender Oregonian drew national attention for the second time by winning a fifth term as Mayor of Silverton, Oregon.