Thinking about transitioning?

This is a major life altering step and of course you want to be sure. There are many articles available and more psychologists are becoming familiar with gender dysphoria. Know yourself is the best advise I can give. This step can affect your ability to earn a living and that is critical to having a pleasant life.

Make sure you have the money to finance yourself and any surgery you need. Some insurance companies are beginning to include surgery, doctor visits and hormones in their plan, but the majority do not at this time. I went to Bangkok where there are skilled surgeons a a more affordable price.

The first step is to make sure you have a trade, skill  or college degrees that will assure your income. These make you more marketable and assures your income. It also improves social acceptance. Nobody wants to be a social outcast or resort to the sex trade to survive. First things first.
Best wishes to all... Plan this with care.