Vocal Feminization: Surgery - Experimental and risky

Some have said it is better this way.  I am accepted and have more friends than before.
manners, attitude and presentation seem more important

ARTICLE: There are several surgical methods of vocal cord alterations being performed.
I do not recommend existing voice surgery techniques based on results I've heard. To date, I have met or spoken to 14 people in person who have had vocal cord surgery. Of these, 12 have what I consider poor results. Two have acceptable results, and of these two, one has very good results.
How unacceptable?
One woman I know sounds like slightly deeper version Minnie Mouse, or maybe Michael Jackson. On the other end of the spectrum are two women who sound like a hoarse Bea Arthur, or Marge Simpson's sisters Selma and Patty. Most don't sound much different than before surgery.
Katherine writes:
I, too, looked into "voice surgery", just before my SRS two years ago.  After speaking on the phone to about 6 people who had had it done, I was scared off it forever. They all had the weirdest, squeakiest voices, and one said that after about half the day, her voice would give out altogether. AND all told me that they could no longer sing -- the end of the subject for me! I'd as soon give up singing as most men would give up their penises.
JulieAnne is an ENT (ear, nose and, throat) surgeon who writes:
Differences in the way people heal will affect the eventual outcome and this is something the surgeon often has no control over. I hope any surgeon would discuss this with their patient so they can make an intelligent decision about proceeding with this type of surgery.
A reader sent this comment in June 2005:
Hello again, I wanted to send you a short note to "follow-up" with my experience with voice surgery, as you had an entire page dedicated to it.  After having the CTA surgery July 2004 in Portland, I can confidently say it isn't in any way a cure-all procedure.  My voice was not masculine to begin with, but it was at a level (I thought) sounded like a 16 year old feminine gay guy.  CTA helped me a very small bit, especially being able to raise my voice to someone across the room or laugh, but it wasn't a miracle.  Along with changing my speech patterns I was able to improve a great deal on my voice.  So what many people have said about voice surgery still remains true ;^). Hopefully someday they'll come out with something better surgery-wise!