Your Transsexual Road Map

So you have decided to transition from one gender to another.
 What next?
 Have you decided how far you are going to go? Do you want hormones?

 Are you going to get gender reassignment surgery and if so, where can you get the proper services? You need to plan out your transsexual road map, a plan of who, what, where, when and how. A plan that will help guide you through the days to come. Have patience, persistence and proper preparation and you will glide through your transition to become the beautiful butterfly we all know you are!


Billie Rene: my advise... KNOW YOURSELF... REALLY WELL!!!!!

I just read this interesting viewpoint..
"Being trans* is kind of like a crayon coming out of the factory with the wrong wrapper. It's a blue (or pink) crayon, and it's wrapper says pink (or blue), but it's true colors are on the inside. When someone opens the box, some will return it to the box as if it were wrong to use, some will break it in half, and some will cherish it because it's "one-of-a-kind". But it's those who choose to remove the wrong wrapper and replace it with the correct one, that truly make a difference. Be true to your colors..."

 "It isn't easy being green", Kermit the Frog, but green we are so understand yourself because if you don't nobody else will regardless of professional certifications. You are the only one who knows, hopefully, and it is your job to sort it out because others can only contribute ideas.

 If you need surgery, you will need a psychiatrist to give you a letter. Make sure you get someone who actually knows about transgender issues, because many do not. A knowledgeable, understanding person can actually help you understand yourself, but again this is mostly based on what they learned elsewhere.

 MY SUGGESTION.. read a lot about everything as many experiences are similar. On the other hand, it isn't easy distinguishing the various influences that affect one's life. Know about the various medical options and surgeries... and if you choose surgery, pick someone with an excellent reputation.

 There are many internet resources including mine...
 Very best wishes, I wish you well!!!