Re: How to tell the doctor I'm transsexual. Any tips?

Here are a couple messages that I received in an email...
Many are apprehensive in telling their doctor, but doctors already know about transgenderism although many do not have a lot of experience. 

ARTICLE: Isn't it cool when we find out we were putting ourselves thru a hell because we were afraid to tell someone about us and when we do we find out it's really no big deal..Its called self torture, lack of confidence in other people to understand, especially our Doctors..I personally want my doctor to know everything, if I'm screwed up or not, it gives them a better perspective of you as a patient and makes asking for help a lot easier...

> I know exactly what you are going through. I was self medicating on and off for 4 years and full regime since last April. I have developed pretty fairly considering that I have been taking hormones for 5 years but almost a third of that time I was off of HRT and only full time for 9 months. I was very nervous about coming out to my doctor but I just couldn't pretend I was a male any longer and decided that I would tell my doctor as well as my employer I was trans. I was very surprised that my employer was so understanding and supportive and my doctor wasn't upset at all. My doctor took lab tests and suggested I get involved with a support group and counseling. She (my doctor) wants to see me again in 3 months to do another set of labs and adjust my hormones if necessary.

> I was so scared to come out to her that I started crying when telling her and she comforted me. What was supposed to be a 15 minute office visit lasted almost 2 hours because she was so supportive and listened to me for a long time. I am happy that I decided to inform her of my HRT and that I was transsexual and wish I had done it earlier. Perhaps I wouldn't have stopped taking the hormones on and off so often because my medical insurance will pay for all of the hormones. I quite several times because I was faced with food and housing or hormones, not a good choice. Now i can have both without worry.